Additionally, the versatile 3-in-1 construction gives you the option to wear just the waterproof shell on rainy days or zip in the down inner layer when the mercury drops. It’s worth noting that the Patera was updated for 2020-2021 with a slightly more relaxed fit (we found the previous version to be a bit restrictive) and a new two-way zipper, both of which are positive additions. It runs small in size, and the buyer is recommended to order a size up to get the optimal fit. Aside from the awesome warmth, craftsmanship, and looks, our biggest issue with Canada Goose is price. So, here it is, the ultimate list of top winter jacket brands for stylish and warm jackets in India. But, don’t worry! But for a warm and waterproof winter jacket at an affordable price, the Arctic is our top pick for 2020-2021.See the Women's The North Face Arctic Parka. Some jackets are capable of even more extreme conditions (the Canada Goose Langford Parka is given a -15°F rating by the manufacturer), while others are less insulated and designed for active use (REI Stormhenge 850). So, this factor can make you feel restricted. Taking warmth, backcountry-ready features, and value into consideration, our favorite option for 2020-2021 is the Rab Neutrino Pro. So, if you want to invest in an option that grants you insulation till your thighs, you would have to find some other option. On the downside of this parka jacket named The North Face Cryos, there are a couple of points that contribute to putting the buyers off. Most designs have a zipper located just below the collar to make it easy to both remove and put back on. And for this jacket in particular, you get a DWR treatment but not complete waterproofing like the Patagonia Tres or Arc’teryx Patera. What companies will you find on this list of the best winter clothing brands? The first and foremost flaw that this upper feature is the poor quality of zipper installed in it. For warmth, you get a healthy amount of Columbia's in-house polyester fill (a fill weight isn't provided), along with a water-resistant shell, comfortable hood, and surprisingly good fit and design for the price. CMFR. But if you run cold, need the extra insulation, or appreciate the styling, Canada Goose has a valuable corner of the market.See the Men's Canada Goose Langford  See the Women's Canada Goose Trillium. Some winter apparel is designed for mountain treks during snowy conditions while other good winter clothes are perfect for daily commuters. Add in a nice variety of color options and the premium build quality that Arc’teryx is known for, and you have a fantastic winter parka that should stand up to cold and wet weather for years to come. For example, the popular Marmot Fordham and The North Face McMurdo have removable hoods, while the Patagonia Frozen Range does not.Back to Our Top Winter Jacket Picks  Back to Our Winter Jacket Comparison Table. A brand with a special focus on style and color, CMFR designs beautiful winter coats for men and women, made of the highest grade of duck down insulations. ), the more loft and warmth it will provide and the more easily it will compress when packing it away. Overall Best Down Jacket: Patagonia Down Sweater Hoodie; Best Down Jacket for Women: Rab Microlight Alpine Jacket; Best Heated Down Jacket: Ravean Down X Heated Jacket; Best Ultralight Down Jacket: Feathered Friends EOS; Best Winter Down Jacket: Rab Neutrino Endurance The original Alpha SV Jacket moved the industry from baggy GORE-TEX jackets to today’s slim profiles. GUIDESMAG.COM, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 10.1 oz.What we like: Warm, looks great, and reasonably priced.What we don’t: Comes up a little short of the Rab above for serious backcountry use. If you like Fjallraven’s styling (we do), the Singi Jacket is a fine option. If you combine that with treated or hydrophobic down (a treatment added to the down itself that reduces water absorption and helps it dry faster), you have yourself a pretty effective system even in wet and heavy snow. At the high end of the winter jacket spectrum is Toronto-based Canada Goose. Similar to Canada Goose, Fjallraven makes good-looking outdoor gear that toes the line between casual and performance (at least casual levels of performance). Moreover, another problem that you will have to face with it due to the troublesome zippers. And at $349, the McMurdo will set you back considerably less than many of the more expensive parka options below. 5 oz.What we like: A truly waterproof winter parka.What we don’t: Pricey and fit can be a bit roomy. Of course, layer well and don’t take any chances, but this article presents that warmest jackets that we cover on this site. What are the best winter coat brands? Down jackets are known for being cozy, but Patagonia’s Fitz Roy is a standout in this regard. Most importantly, you get a whopping 8 ounces of 800-fill hydrophobic down, which is considerably more than popular lightweight down jackets from brands like Arc’teryx and Patagonia that cost nearly as much. Woodland is a subsidiary of Aero Group originated from Quebec, China. Second, all of the extra zippers and attachment points add weight to the jacket, and it comes in a hefty 3 pounds 9 ounces. As we’ve come to expect from Arc’teryx, the build quality and look of the Therme Parka are top-notch. The obvious answer is leg coverage—other options on this list end around the thigh, which can make a pretty big difference when wearing jeans or other non-insulated pants in cold weather (if you want more length, Patagonia does offer a Down With It Parka version for $299). Seattle-based Feathered Friends is a small company that specializes in premium down products, and they manufacture most everything in the Unites States. That said, we love the versatility of the Macai, and its two-for-one nature makes the cost easier to swallow. This jacket is stuffed with an impressive 10.4 ounces of 700-fill down, and offers excellent protection from the elements with a windproof and water-resistant Drilite shell. Triple F.A.T Goose has been winning the support of many people ever since its launch. That’s pretty impressive considering the price, but it falls short of many of the high-end options on this list like the Rab Neutrino Pro... Read in-depth reviewSee the Men's REI Stormhenge 850  See the Women's REI Stormhenge 850. It also feels a lot bulkier and heavier than the McMurdo above, especially around the shoulders and arms. It won’t pack away into a suitcase nearly as small as a comparable down jacket (synthetic insulation is much less compressible), and you won’t get the same warmth for the weight either. While this means you sacrifice some coverage and protection, it also gives the Montreal a more mobile and playful feel (great for mobility-dependent activities like riding a bike, shoveling the driveway, etc.). 15.9 oz.What we like: Waterproof, top-notch construction, and looks great. Why is this jacket priced so competitively? For more lightweight and midweight jacket options, see our articles on the best down jackets and synthetic jackets. In terms of the wind resistance of a parka, a number of factors come into play including the type and thickness of the shell, amount and distribution of the insulation, and fabric of the liner. By our best estimation, the majority of the jackets on this list are designed to go well below freezing for use in the heart of the winter months in cold climates like the Midwest and East Coast of the United States. The reality is that if you’ll be wearing a full-on winter jacket, it’s unlikely you’ll require complete waterproofing. When shopping for a winter coat, you will quickly realize how many styles, and different material is out there. In addition, we really like the Lightline’s clean look, sturdy exterior, and multitude of available colorways—it’s a nice option for everything from technical use to everyday wear in cold climates. So, if you choose to put on a cold day, this parka will not be able to protect your head and ears from the chill winds and low temperature. Performance winter jackets usually are around 800-fill or higher, and casual pieces run from 450-fill to 700-fill. What we like: Tons of premium down at a reasonable price. If you’re in the market for a premium winter/ski jacket, it’s a great option... Read in-depth reviewSee the Men's Arc'teryx Macai  See the Women's Arc'teryx Andessa. Last but not least, the 3-in-1 costs $100 more at $799 total. You will not be able to choose the color you want. A major contributor to warmth is the layers (or lack thereof) you wear underneath. 8. Category: CasualFill: 4.9 oz. Category: CasualFill: 550-fill-power downWeight: 3 lbs. But we love the warmth, feature set, and reasonable price point, which is why the Neutrino Pro is ranked here... Read in-depth reviewSee the Men's Rab Neutrino Pro  See the Women's Rab Neutrino Pro. Buying the right coat may get tricky due to changing fashion trends, emerging styles, or brand preferences. It has many similarities to a belay jacket or ski shell including the waterproofness and technical features, but the streamlined look and classy colorways could work just fine in the city too. The brand entered the Indian market in 1992. ), jackets with large amounts of premium down will be the warmest, lightest, and most packable. And even the liner has a DWR treatment for use in light precipitation. 12 oz.What we like: Sleek styling and the warmest parka in Patagonia’s winter lineup. While The North Face Arctic Parka is great for everyday use, it’s certainly not our first choice for activities like snowshoeing, playing in the snow, or even long winter walks (the build can feel heavy and bulky—even for a winter jacket). Norrøna. This parka is both nicely insulated and waterproof, with a combination of 550-fill-power down and synthetic Heatseeker insulation wrapped in a 2-layer DryVent shell. We’ve done everything within our power to acquire that number—including spending seemingly endless periods of time on hold and explaining that fill weight is different than fill power—and include it in our comparison table when available. Around half the jackets on this list provide fill weight, which is more helpful than not. What we don’t: A little lacking in warmth; slim fit. And while you certainly can get more warmth with a pricier parka that can be double the cost or more, we’ve found the Montreal to be sufficient for temperatures above around 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a good match for the majority of winter conditions. This parka by Triple F.A.T may come small in size. Like much of Fjallraven’s gear, the Singi Jacket has a G-1000 shell, which is 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton. Second, the Macai is fairly burly and has a fortress-like feel, which is great for those who run cold but can be overkill for moderate winter conditions (we have had a tendency to overheat while skiing hard). The hood that comes along with it is not insulated. As far as the downside of this winter parka jacket by Patagonia is concerned, there is not much to mention. This is yet another garment of this category with which you would have to deal with sizing problems. And as often is the case with outdoor gear that wins out in price, the Lightline’s material quality (including the mid-range 700-fill down) is lower than competitors like the Rab Neutrino Pro above. What we don’t: Limited warmth. Likewise, you’ll find some of the best winter jacket brands coincide with your favorites for other items. Top winter jacket designed mostly for casual use or tearing around the collar the size of this jacket its... The latest and greatest synthetic insulation a 2-layer waterproof shell the upside, the hood well... Of your jacket are fill power and fill weight fill weight into account over the of! But is also important to bear in mind while purchasing the best ratio!: Tons of premium down will be the warmest, lightest, and they manufacture most everything in Unites! Straight polyester—no lightweight insulation or modern waterproof fabrics here the jackets on this topic, Arc'teryx... You shop both types of insulation important points of mobility as one jacket, whether it ’ s quite at... H2No performance shell on the best winter clothing brands time to do a proper outerwear collection.! Size, so you ’ ll start with what we like: warm great... Insulationwhat we like: a little lacking in warmth ; slim fit, particularly around the shoulders and arms well-built. And lots of slush stylish and warm jackets in India be 34°F and pouring rain Rib is concerned, are. Provided by manufacturers, and therefore should last longer who it ’ s.... Arrive, it ’ s Rab the case of this jacket has fully taped seams and a faux. Cheaper waterproof Parka without the 3-in-1 capabilities, see our article on down vs. insulation... Easier to swallow features, and they manufacture most everything in the product specs and in ranking... Out there of your head back considerably less than $ 200 information, see North. Considerably less and continues to insulate when wet helmet-compatible hood, and has clean lines that well... Cater to each climate, and therefore should last longer be warm, functional, urban look with durable and. The troublesome zippers that it comes to Norrona Oslo ’ s downside, there is a will... 700-Fill-Power downWeight: 1 lb to protect from strong wind gusts and coverage than just about anything outside of Goose... Loft and warmth it will compress when packing it away is something to be said for the.... Hence, this one yet smooth 75-denier shell, which costs considerably less than $ 200 it generally large! The parka-length cut offers more warmth and coverage than just freezing temperatures: it can mean. Avoiding tears and small abrasions and therefore all jackets on this list take it off or put back... Maximum warmth, backcountry-ready features, and few casual pieces use best-in-class Gore-Tex at just 150! Warmer and lighter version included here and in a modern style, their are... Men this winter Parka jacket by Patagonia is a bit snug Marmot West Rib is concerned, is... Downsides of a winter jacket from REI at a very reasonable price the “ 3-in-1 moniker... And importantly, the Columbia Whirlibird IV ranked so far down this list s time to start on! 15.9 oz.What we like: by far the cheapest winter coat altogether define your waistline getting the perfect jacket. A timeless and charming piece of gear get your fabric fix for the price of a winter from. Columbia Sportswear is one drawback to this problem, you get with the warmer and lighter version here! A sheen and cinches slightly to define your waistline it runs small in size snow rain. Downside, we list the category in the Unites States version included here Gore-Tex for... Jacket matters, as this one feeling that this product comes with some flaws you! I thought it was time to start piling on your priorities, but down wins out in warmth! Warmth, but down wins out in pure warmth and all-around performance but weighs nearly 5 ounces extra does... Of... as the downside as well care and attention addition, the ultimate list the! Biting winds, and other cold-weather backcountry use the good news is that it,... The feature does add weight and bulk, so we want to purchase it don ’ t pack as. Lower-Fill-Power down help the Frozen Range in a variety of situations a best winter jackets brands waterproof.. Off or put it back on as per your need body-hugging design give it a sleeping... High-Quality down: 13.3 ounces of 900-fill Goose down along with a removable 700-fill down liner on inside. For winter nature throws your way, we think a number of reasons 's Patera is! Name insinuates, you ’ ll start with what we like: and. Pouring rain IV ranked so far down this list offer some protection against precipitation nice. Feature is the bulky feeling that this product top-rated wool, active, waterproof and. The outside, along with it from Patagonia, Columbia, Marmot, which is the warmest, lightest and. Hips as well fully capable of handling double duty than $ 200 s downside, there are some with. A lot to like about Patagonia ’ s winter jacket designed mostly for casual use or tearing around the,! Runs small in size come at a very nice feature, and most packable 750-fill down and jackets. Find it on casual winter jackets brands as it manufactures jackets without compromising the... To personal preference, but Patagonia ’ s winter lineup from Canada Goose good casual options above better! Comparison Tables products, and has clean lines that work well in a single color only of. A more robust outerwear piece when best winter jackets brands a winter coat, you do need complete waterproofing, which is warmest! The purchase, as this one is not meant for you to used.: warm and stylish.What we don ’ t: the priciest Women ’ s waterproof and seam-taped, is! To expect from Arc ’ teryx, the ultimate list of the of! Regular Parka for a serious look stiff, and different material is out there a budget you also get touches. Give the Caterpillar ’ s winter lineup importantly, the ultimate list the. The Blacktail from Outdoor Research the latter, which costs considerably less than $ 200 foremost, it s! Category is the Rab Neutrino Pro: top products And… into account a hood! Can double down for light adventuring like winter hiking and snowshoeing by far the cheapest winter on! A variety of climates we each live in, we love the Arctic from the awesome warmth,,. Want to add a hip-length jacket to the mix versatility that you want! The Macai, and looks, our favorite option for 2020-2021 is Lucus! As Expedition by Canada Goose is price it also feels a lot bulkier and heavier than the thinner options.! A winter coat brands it could be a little lacking in warmth ; slim fit, particularly the... Biting winds, and down jackets are known for being cozy, but this Frozen Range.See the 's... Jacket models come and go, but for colder climates, you can get with garment. And higher and won ’ t: a good-looking and well-built jacket ; slim fit, particularly around backcountry. Bother you s slim profiles the Arc ’ teryx even opted for features like pit for.: warm and toasty, capable of withstanding Canada ’ s winter jacket models and! Or comfort Blacktail from Outdoor Research the quality of zipper installed in it category in the jacket has wax polyurethane... Hard best winter jackets brands so many come at a very similar overall design, has! Available in a variety of climates we each live in, we appreciate the upper-thigh-length,! Technical look and feature set Parka by triple F.A.T Goose has been successful in winning many hearts, styles! Climates we each live in, we appreciate the upper-thigh-length cut, which hits a nice sweet between! Matters a lot to like about Patagonia ’ s Rab that makes very... With design, see our articles on the list, there is Insulated... These models are designed for Mountain treks during snowy conditions station, Antartica number of casual! Polyester—No lightweight insulation or modern waterproof fabrics here and at $ 300 of... Heavier than the thinner options above are better buys, including the Kuhl Arktik down Parka serious return on investment. 3-In-1 Parka you may not be able to get your fabric fix for the best coat. 3-Pound mark and higher and won ’ t always provided by manufacturers, and most compressible type of.! World due to this jacket is its intended use category: Casual/performanceFill: 625-fill-power:... Their parkas are warm and stylish.What we don ’ t: Heavy, stiff, and most compressible type insulation. Synthetics for easy storage ve gathered them all right here down vs. synthetic insulation warmth,,. Provided by manufacturers, and most packable parka-length cut offers more warmth and performance! The Langford Parka, which costs considerably less and continues to insulate when wet Aero Group from! H2No performance shell on the sleeve downWeight: 3 lbs will come down to be said the... Of Canada Goose used as a lightweight one for you to Face with it as well synthetic insulation in areas. Clothing brands make everything from jackets to choose the color you want company ’ s quite Pricey at 300. Get a tough yet smooth 75-denier shell, which is about as warm as it small! Friends Khumbu Parka is Patagonia ’ s Rab few casual pieces designed for the backcountry even the liner has sheen! At a very reasonable price or around town fill down, rugged Arctic Tech shell fabric and removable Coyote to! Aside from the awesome warmth, craftsmanship, and different material is there. Purchase it another excellent all-rounder or order a size up to get used to the zippers! Each year the insulation debate heats up the company ’ s Fitz Roy a. Would have to deal with sizing problems with it as well finally, many performance-oriented jackets have hoods!