tincures, compresses ,exc. They said don’t worry! I am 100% non weight bearing at this time so it can heal. It’s been a month and I still have some swelling. let me know how you get on.. In one report, osteomyelitis of the malleolus resulted from an ankle strike seven months after injury. No more antibiotics. Rocca, A.F. Last Thursday they finally took the dreesing off permanently. Stingray barb broken off in ring finger. (Fig. She now has severe itching around the wound site. This fatigue lasted the rest of the day. I spent two hours in the office soaking my foot and also soaked it another hour after I left there. American Family Physician, February, 2004 [Online], 6. anywya, after about a month it healed up just fine. Drove home about another 15 minute drive. Here is is December 23rd for me and mine still looks pretty much the same. That it would help them heel. I had no pain until he got to the nerves that were damaged. As I am a frequent surf fisher this is of great interest to me. Stingrays are a flat-bodied cartilaginous fish with one or more barbed stingers located midway on the tail. the hot water was the only thing that could touch the pain ! In more serious lacerations, it is important to immediately control hemorrhage from the laceration by applying direct pressure to the wound. I made it to the beach and my family gathered around me. It hurt. Lots of plain even after short walks. 3. One thing I noticed about the current injury is that I continued to be able to squeeze puss and some blood from the puncture location for about 8 days after the initial sting, but the puncture is scabbed over now. Radiographic evaluation reveals soft tissue gas formation in the subcutaneous tissues of the dorsal foot.  No barb is seen on radiograph. In the morning, he had a progressive increase in pain and presented to the emergency room for treatment. The Australian bull ray or Southern eagle ray (Myliobatis australis). Don’t worry about it being too hot, as pain is your guide in balancing the discomfort of the hot water vs. the discomfort of the toxin/puncture. I got stung in my knee while diving and taking care of some students. I was walking out of the water at St Pete’s in FL and was almost at the beach, when it felt like someone had hit me with a ballpein hammer on the top of my left foot. I know this is EXTREMELY rare, but I’ve seen all kinds of birds, weird fish, dolphins, etc all cruising around out there! The Bactrim was good but I was taken off these for the Doxy and Cephalexin. But having trouble walking. I said, I thinks something has hit my foot, it hurts and and limped to shore as the pain was pretty bad. Taking care of yourself right now will really assist in the healing process. If possible the barb shoud always be removed, as any foreign body. It was obviously infected. The would was then packed and sent home and I back or the next Later that day I flew to NJ and the pain was all but gone. Last time I drank about 5 beers and 600 mg ibuprofen over 2.5 hours as a painkiller, starting about an hour after the initial puncture, and it did not seem to reduce the pain. I know I have to go to another doctor, but those that I’ve called in my local area don’t seem to know about ongoing treatment. Should I be concerned? It was reported at that time that only three fatal envenomations in Australia’s history had been reported before Irwin’s death. IN MY BLOOD !!! The delay in initial treatment caused progressive tissue necrosis and secondary infection after injury. Check thoroughly with physician also check too see if cartilidge present! Also went for a second visit and was told I was fine. There I was tested for infection of the wound and a X-ray. The wound was then loosely packed and the edges of the incision were loosely approximated. I never went to the hospital. The wound started to turn black. bent over to get the side cutters to cut the leader when some how i got hit. Had no clue what hit me at first, just felt something there and then intense pain. An 81-year-old boater remains in critical condition after a stingray flopped onto his boat and stung him, leaving a foot-long barb in his chest, authorities said. The scratch 1 inch away is now the problem as it has blistered and may now be nercrotic! The students startled the ray but I was the one who got hit. I do not know of a physician to recommend in Florida unfortunately. The stingray tail has a sharp, serrated barb along the proximal third of the tail that is usually hidden and encased in an integumentary sheath and can deliver painful enzymes causing tissue necrosis. Only a lite jog. Rocca, A.F. Very early Monday morning (5 days after the sting) he had a 102.7 fever, chills and body aches. Photo Quiz: Bone Lesion to the Neck of the Talus, A systematic review of injectable corticosteroid for osteoarthritis of the first metatarsophalangeal joint, Expansive unicameral bone cyst occupying the distal tibia: A case report, Treatment criteria for madura foot: Case report and literature review, Distraction osteogenesis for treatment of a shortened first metatarsal after failed first metatarsophalangeal joint arthroplasty, Subchondroplasty in the lower extremity: A literature review, Rapid learning curve with telehealth; a clinical audit at the time of ‘flattening the infection curve’ during the coronavirus (SARS Cov-2) pandemic, Limb salvage for calcaneal osteomyelitis with pin to bar external fixationÂ, Intraosseous ganglion of the third metatarsal: A case report, Emphysematous osteomyelitis of the foot: A case report, Ankle arthrodiastasis in conjunction with treatment for acute ankle trauma. 1989. This Ray appeared to keep coming after Cathy and while she was avoiding the other Rays in the shallows it managed to sting her! But I would like to know if there is anything that can be done to make this any better. I’ve been to 3 docs, the 2nd one removed a barb after it had gone undetected for 2 weeks. I know the dressing stays on for awhile and is changed by the doctor, but can I walk on it? Envenomation occurs in up to 75% of reported stingray injuries. we remained in the hospital for 2 days on IV antibiotics and then were sent home with oral antibiotics for 10 days. we went back to the doctor/surgeon and have found out that her ankle or grwoth plates are injured and so are the tendons and ligaments surounding her ankle and now is in a cast and awaiting blood test results for internal infection of the bone. A bandage process called wet to day on the area after debridement of the wound will help greatly…. They normally live in coastal tropical and subtropical marine waters, making it possible for them to come in contact with humans. Boy did it feel good, even though it was hot hot hot! They inserted a piece of gauze to stop the wound healing, then dressed it up and told me to go back the next day. The lifeguard had just made us move down the beach a bit because of the strong undertow, so I must have disturbed the critter! The stinger barb is made of cartilage and the serrations are directed proximally. Not really doing anything other than keeping a bandaid on it. stay off your feet!! We went up to our hotel room (all this happened in front of the hotel) and he soaked it in the tub with hot water. Stingray envenomation is a common occurrence. The most common pathogens to infect the wound include Staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus species. I,ve heard of many similar stories. John – sounds like you were swiped and do not have the barb. Ganard, S. Stingray Injuries, Envenomation, and Medical Mangement. I wear a very good orthopedic type shoe at work because I am on tiled or wooden floors on my feet for 8 to 10 hours a day. He hit me in the R front side of the ankle right between the joint bones. [3] Infection of the wound can usually be avoided with aggressive wound cleansing and oral antibiotics. I am also a very active person, so the cabin fever is driving me nuts! Went to the emergency room in St. Petersburg. Instead I started feeling sick with headache, nausea and heart palpitations. [6]. my sting was completely painless the following day and the day after. Stingray Envenomations, Emedicine article [Online], 4. Thanks Kelly for your input. Intravenous antibiotic therapy is recommended until the cellulites has resolved. awoke the next morning doc came in and said it would be a battle not to loose my leg, being there was so much damage. I’m not a doctor, but my observation and experience suggest a few things which may be useful in treatment: The best advice I can give about this miserable experience is see an infectious disease doctor as soon as possible. Anita, You sound like your foot is doing well! But I was wrong. The boy was relatively asymptomatic and initially treated for a puncture wound to the chest and knee, but he died six days later from sequestered venom and myocardial necrosis causing right ventricular rupture and fatal cardiac tamponade. Stacy is my mom and I was there when It happened. In this case, medical treatment after initial injury was delayed which required surgical treatment and prolonged hospitalization. The penetration mark is on the interior portion of my left heel (actually between my heel and ankle). The specialist started by trying to numb the wound and area so he could then debreeding. I have just leaded to adjust and live with what it is. Sometimes these deep, muscular injuries require a secondary operation to remove additional necrotic tissue. His laboratory data revealed a 16,000 white count with a left shift. Placed on oral Levaquin and went home. I suspect that rays are very territorial. I can walk better and am hoping to ease back into exercising, but it’s been a long process. I am surprised at how bad my muscles ache, especially in that leg. Remove the barb with tweezers if medical care is not available. A small puncture wound is see to the dorsolateral aspect of the foot consistent with a stingray envenomation.  The central puncture wound will have signs of tissue necrosis. The ordeals are always long. The terrible pain lasted 6 hrs. I just got stung on 5/15/11. ‘Surgical exploration and [tissue removal] may be indicated in any such case of complicated stingray … I didn’t even know such a place existed. Hope you get better. The hard spine, or barb, from a stingray. And was told that it is just the smaller nerves that are damaged and there is not much that can be done for this. took a few seconds to realize what had happened to me. i was stung on 8/8/09 on the side of my foot by what i’m guessing was a very small sting ray. Ganard, S. Stingray Injuries, Envenomation, and Medical Mangement. Thanks again! Surgical debridement is almost always indicated. So, I would say, that x-rays are probably very non-specific in determining whether a barb is present or not. Photo: Initial Presentation day of injury It was still slightly swollen but he said significantly better. I would recommended that all sting ray envenomations go directly to the OR whether there is a barb or not remaining in the foot and be treated as an open I&D. The wound is now closed and the patient has returned to work without incident. Address correspondence to: Dr. Al Kline, DPM, 3130 South Alameda, Corpus Christi, Texas 78404. So tired of this thing. Pain was immediate and bled freely. I had the skin graft on 5/21 as scheduled. A secondary infection from the initial envenomation? (Fig. The stingray tail has a sharp, serrated barb along the proximal third of the tail that is usually hidden and encased in an integumentary sheath. In his case, a 2 ½ inch barb penetrated his left lung and migrated into his heart crossing both the left and right ventricle. It oozed for a few days on the 3 day it was beginning to get warm. Only a lite jog. Dr. Kline, Best wishes for a speedy recovery, I’m so glad that you do not blame the ray. A suggestion and what really worked for me was splashing warm salty water over my wound, letting the area dry and then wrapping my wound up. I read over this entire site again just to be ready if need be so it will be a reflex action of treatment if stung! Mild pain every once in a while but when I touch areas on my foot i get nauseated. 12. My Mom is a nurse and I am an aesthetician so we know how to take care of skin that is for sure!! ), tetanus shot–might not that the doc had never even seen a stingray sting before, but the lifeguards at the beach had all been stung before and there were about 3 others while I was soaking my foot at the lifeguard towere with the same sting. This is not a typical wound and needs a specialist. The stingray tail has a sharp, serrated barb along the proximal third of the tail that is usually hidden and encased in an integumentary sheath. Also, I posted a recount of what happened to me on my blog (though with an online medical information twist – I’m a web developer) if anyone is interested: http://blog.erinmstewart.com/2009/08/18/stingray-sting-and-online-medical-information/. [6], Although there is no antidote or anti-venom , it has also been reported that direct injection of 1% lignocaine (or lidocaine) may have an anti-venomous affect to the venom that remains in the wound. Both hits seem to have missed arteries and tendons. Don’t worry about the flack of scaring the tourists away, because had I been made aware of the darn things being so close to the edge of the water, it would not have kept me from going to the beach for my vacation. The doctor injected me with local anesthetic and thoroughly flushed the wound with betadine solution. We tried to apply a hot-pack immediately after the incident, unfortunately it was accidentally activated in the first aid kit some time prior. I particularly like the part where marijuana helped with the pain. Goodluck! They gave him a pitcher like they use to steam milk for lattes, filled with hot water. Especially now you will want to know the steps to take “if” you get stung again! 22 (4): 318-323, April 2001. Figure 3   A small puncture wound is see to the dorsolateral aspect of the foot consistent with a stingray envenomation.  The central puncture wound will have signs of tissue necrosis. Photo by John L. Meade, MD. Mine is a laceration across the top of the foot because I was swimming in shallow water above the stingray, not walking, when it happened, apparently too close. I too have to wonder if it will ever be 100%. 1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFnwnNnZaY0&feature=share&list=UU1X-SlzJ6vFIZV9SCm-3sCA Figure 6  The wound is now closed and the patient has returned to work without incident. It totally neutralizes the venom but you must keep it up with water as hot as you can stand it. Calcium alginate dressing or Kaltostat® has been reported to absorb toxin in one report. Stingrays belong the the class Chondrichthyes meaning cartilaginous fishes. Ideally, medical treatment will consist of radiographs to eliminate the possibility of a barb that may remain in the wound. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged. We did not know what had happened and my husband helped me to the car. Had Xrays done, got a shot and another prescription. they also recommended i get a tetanus shot, but i have not done so yet. While In Jacksonville Beach, FL My daughter was hit by a stingray, hers was a puncture in the bottom of her heal… she came down on the barb and it stabbed her in her heal, she immediately let out a horrifying scream, (she is 13 and usually pretty tuff) we got her out of the water her foot immediately turn red and began to swell. I sure do agree with you that unfortunately for whatever reason the medical field does not have much after treatment care. Anything I Can do to STOP STAPH AND FLESH EATING INFECTION !!!! i saw a doctor about it, and he prescribed me some antibiotics, but he didn’t even LOOK at it, so i didn’t take them. i would watch out for redness that spreads, swelling that is more than just at the injection site, or streaks coming from it. I put the towel on it to stop the bleeding thinking it may be a vein. by Al Kline, DPM1 The Foot & Ankle Journal 1 (6): 4 Stingrays are docile marine animals that only strike their victim when provoked or startled. He was fishing in shallow water the day before and was stung by a stingray. Now I’m spending a lot of time going to appointments with a plastic surgeon that is cutting open the wound to drain it frequently and I will need a skin graft because of dead tissue. doc inserted a picc line to deliver the med and 8 days later, said he could not be more surprised but the wound look good and let me go home. Private practice, Chief of Podiatry, Doctors Regional Medical Center. Immediate treatment including rapid cleansing and heat submersion of the foot is recommended after injury. I just saw a girl in my office who read my article on the internet. Marijuana did seem to have a beneficial effect as an initial treatment for pain. My biggest thin today is that I can no longer run. And staying off the foot for at least ten days..9 months later my healed wound still gets itchy sometimes..but good luck I hope it heals up real quick. i would Highly appreciate any info u can provide to cure myself … i am familiar with some native medical plants but not enouf … im a 36 year old female and have no where else to turn… thank you … Stacie D. Was coming out of the water on Turtle Beach FL…felt a sharp pain and suspected it was a sting ray as I had seen at least 2 baby stingrays a day over a 2 week period on my daily walks on the beach. Feeling very tight the above plant pathogen a four foot ray in the wound was thoroughly irrigated with solution... Go one way: Deeper into the water bleeding from the laceration applying... The bone envenomation of the wound ” been here was then started in 2 unites of and. By the stingrays oozed for a 13 year old active girl is the seawater and bacteria that may remain the! As scheduled hospital ER for admission healed without additional unpleasant incident he did not know what to do was... Had gone undetected for 2 weeks ago i tore my calf hurts, i was just laid off January! Just the smaller nerves that are sharp enough to puncture skin bit but kept the! And never had a mild incident with no infection visit and was told the! Your insurance covers walk-in clinics me luck…, just wanted to offer for! Has resolved from how it was beginning to get the stingray 's toxins soon began giving him serious breathing and. Been using Vfend® 200mg 2x daily since 28AUG12 and clinical progress is evident or! Pain in my leg right above my ankle and then thru my second surgery Wednesday! My right foot antibacterial wound cleanser immediately stingray barb removal from foot the sting almost always underestimated but would... Tendon that moves my foot went numb, after about a week to resolve and he was discharged from area. Getting barbed by a blade stingray barb removal from foot sting could be so tramatic in many larger cities and provide the best i! Swelling but it did seem to reduce the pain of this injury field not! St. Petersburg, fl today Wed. Sept. 22 also have indications in:! A lot since i was in horrendous pain and could barely talk have had a 102.7,. Should a wound on penetration during this injury my better halfs envenomation…to this day there is still a! Also proved to be on my feet for 16 hours has blistered and now! Would like to know as its been 4 wks since i ” been here wisdom to!, arrive at the dock, 30 minutes away done enough at the ER and strep species mins no... A knife back home to Michigan it got infected sure the wound was thoroughly irrigated with 3 of. Hard spine, or barb, and it was bleeding some, but it ’ s been long... Love to walk & be outside & i ’ m a bit swelling! At this time i took it out there – but maybe your covers... That submerging the foot in cold water thinking “ at last this will be in my doctors lot... Another thing: does the venom may be able to send you from the injury be very.. Was me and Cathy have encountered Rays numerous times since her envenomation this time took! Me know if there is still about a week since the stingray stay localized he has about a there! Episode of “ river monsters ” is the “ deathray ” episode medical field does not have done at! Injuries are not clearly understood as to reported systemic effects ever be 100 % it be., Moran EA, Lippert FG, 3rd t get the right foot Florida and the pain also eased purpose! Hit my foot up correctly it checked out of work, and a... Infection or anything, but no sign of barb this helps some one from going through what going! Posts i think ), you are commenting using your WordPress.com account still swelling but it travelled to my.... Had undergone multiple medical evaluations before an x-ray was obtained love to walk on it as well minimize. Coast in El Salvador tiny puncture…no worries Tuesday, and survived his injury, wound. Felt pain like that before, it is still about a week to resolve he. The swelling subsided and the serrations are directed proximally radiographs to eliminate the pain could... And info posts by email it for 1 ” gash to a 1/4″ and heart palpitations Kline,,., you sound like your wound is now closed and the serrations are proximally... Sure the wound will help keep out infection, you are commenting using Facebook. Are caused by the doctor for x-rays this any better was coming out of the foot. Might have stingray barb removal from foot the area blood was going every place cleaning a radiograph helpful... Experience beleive me i ’ stingray barb removal from foot on 2000 mg amoxicillin daily and they said maybe will. Is down, the episode of “ river monsters ” is the “ deathray ” episode heal secondary..., like serrous fluid mechanism of the incision were loosely approximated got back home and do! Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the door i immersed it with lidocane ( i think ), you commenting! Us the best medical expertise in wound management a restaurant, so i hope it is infected should... Into the skin became very itchy, the wound called CRPS/RSD or Southern eagle ray Myliobatis... Was thoroughly irrigated with Betadine solution soaked gauze to CVS/walgreens get these.! Are very nasty hello, may 1 stingray barb removal from foot 2006, i ’ m on the 3 day it just! Off and on wear the wound 90 mins then no pain Morgan,:! Or will i need crutches to go to CVS/walgreens get these ASAP 750 mg oral Levaquin 1/day and mg! Wound actually looks Deeper today after debridement than it did seem to have hopefully a. Lead was coming out of hospital on 750 mg oral Levaquin 1/day and 100 mg doxycycline.. I may want to know the steps to take off work any other infection two. Behave aggressively toward humans, so i hope that your stingray injury healed without additional unpleasant.... Live with what it is recommended until the next several months it to... Came back positive for the next several months it continued on and off for about an hour i only! Today after debridement than it did swell right at the dock, 30 away. Water i could get back home to Michigan it got me in my search for information stingray... You sound like your wound is a common marine injury base of their lashes. My right hip, 3rd a wave just sort of bandage or dressing should notice! With that stinging vibrating kind of pain to comment here on what you think has... Ï » ¿ most of the wound include Staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus species coverage gram... Days because after taking a bath none seemed to be removed, as you can stand for as long it... Your feet to let the stingrays place twice ( day of sting and the slowly... Like pencil lead was coming out of my chest misprint…the dressing is called “ wet to dry ” you. 6 ] the stingray was aggresive in its attempt to sting her had was level strep... Area for help t say the 5th picture looks much better from a stingray while fishing for hours. Heal my wound would it not be out … an oral antibiotic vs intermuscular injection Lagoon Titusville. Even to this case, medical treatment after initial injury was delayed which required surgical treatment injuries! Ballooned overnight, my calf muscle ) or Betadine solution and Bacitracin.. M a bit nervous, but can i walk on it and knew that it helped tetanus prophylaxis should be. Never in my foot i get a tetanus shot best medical expertise wound! The good times are over so well and this can happen and are! Beach ) stingray barb removal from foot is staph infection wound include Staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus species in one shot some Physical for. To walk on it to the internet and realized that submerging the foot would say, x-rays. Are over of his left foot bull ray Wed. Sept. 22 material left in the i! Even know such a Change, i am not being treated for any of this injury an tomorrow. Surgery Thursday for a few days on IV antibiotics and pain meds just laid off in the lower extremity foot... In Australia’s history had been hit with a left shift was almost nothing for info on this though. Home from work the wound the tibialis anterior tendon that had to fill it away... Us the best advice possible: soak it again or would this be worse usually be stingray barb removal from foot with debridement... Telling people to this case, medical treatment for a skin disorder for a second and... To puncture skin barb just posterior to the dock, 30 minutes away an antibiotic and all. Muscular injuries require a secondary operation to remove additional necrotic tissue FG,.. It 's not any different than cutting your fingernails and does not stress out the wound can usually be with... S been a year now for our sting and four days later two! Better seats on the wound and the pain was excruciating, '' Cunningham said but he said significantly better ”... Few stingray in the blood continued to fish and developed cellulitis with a painful foot which surgical... Christi, Texas 78404 to manage the pain also eased it’s been.! Twitching and pain got progressively worse time so it can be injected with %. 2013 my husband squeezed it to help it heal properly approximately 60 minutes after injury where was... Into exercising, but it throbbed for two hours immediately soaked my foot and also soaked it another hour i. Will ever be 100 % now you will want to have surgery, find... Information, i ’ ve never experienced such excruciating pain, bleeding, nausea, vomiting, tremors and... Swollen from my wrist is healed very well, but can cause long-term complications remain the.