Info / Download Demo You can also create a paid membership system which your visitors must sign-up with in order to add listings to your directory. DiningEngine is easy to setup and has all the features you need to create a dining directory with WordPress. Vantage, from AppThemes, is HORRIBLE. Joeant 7.) When I was on the PremiumPress site I noticed that they are due to release a new business directory theme at the end of this month (September). What is up with that? Overall, Search & Go is a flexible theme that will help you build the directory website you need, while also making it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for or submit their own content to your site. Should be a good one! The Directory app theme gives users plenty of options for browsing the listings, such as using the integrated Google Maps, filtering by categories and subcategories, searching, and viewing all listings for a particular city. The individual listing pages are designed to a high standard. Take a moment to browse the website design … I worked with Templatic Directory theme for 6 months only to find that so many core template files needed tweaking by my team. — Only using Paypal as the payment gateway — Charging extra for functionality to drive up the cost — Only single location search — Limited layout styling or non-responsive — Generally ugly layout –….. you get the point. Despite this being a single-focus theme, you do get enough flexibility to adapt it to promote other types of eateries, such as cafes, bistros, or delis. Establish in 1982, 999 Design has over 35 years of experience as a full-service award-winning communications agency. The homepage is easily customisable thanks to the drag and drop tool which allows you to rearrange the on page elements. Awesome! Lots of great Directory themes listed here and funny enough, we’ve had several of our customers migrate over from DirectoryPress due to a poor experience. Who creates a directory theme without recurring payments?! When it comes to the theme itself, ListingPro really does include everything you’re likely to need in order to launch a fully featured online directory with WordPress. Next up on our list of best WordPress directory themes is the Listar directory theme. Family Friendly Sites 2.) Also check out the themeforest directory competition that took place earlier this year. This allows you and your users to set certain listings as featured to increase their visibility and have them displayed more prominently on your website. Reviews of verified design companies. To help make your website stand out from the crowd, this theme includes the premium Revolution Slider plugin. Please recommend. No paid extentions and no coding knowledge required. The one that I’ve found that has worked best for me is DirectoryPress (which I don’t see listed here). MyListing is a directory and listings WordPress theme that’s aimed at those targeting specific geographic regions. Other notable features of this theme include a full width layout for maximum screen coverage, a mobile ready responsive design, user profile pages for members, and a good selection of options for monetising your site, whether through adverts or paid listings. The Makers of GeoTheme just released a free basic plugin. MyCity is now on version 2 and this theme has even more useful features and tools to help you build an online directory with WordPress. Steve, more than a year later now I read and totally agree with your post. Furthermore, you can not code a theme without errors anymore. I know when i use google maps I have this option when I see an address, but having viewed almost every single one that you mentioned from my phone, none of them seem to have this option? I’m a complete novice and non-techi by the way, if anyone does have any suggestions I would be extremely grateful. For more information about how to create site objects, see the article Create a Site. ‘DirectoryPress’ was on the list, but under the name ‘Directory Theme’, as this is what it is called on the PremiumPress website. From the looks of it they have included all the basic features of Directory for free. In addition to the two homepage designs, ListingEasy includes useful templates for displaying all your listings on one page, a content design which features an interactive Google-powered Map with custom markers, and about, FAQ, and guidance templates. Furthermore, you can also easily add category icons to the homepage, which again, makes it easy for your audience to filter the listings by type of business or attraction. Anybody tried these themes and know the pros and cons? If you do create multiple pricing plans, Listable will auto-generate a pricing table to make it easy for your visitors to compare the different options available to them. Good replacement / solution or still battling putting Templatic directory theme comes with the best of diningengine! On is ranking higher on search engine results look attractive, and useful features, Wilcity is suitable for types! Is another directory theme for WordPress entitled directory, but offer no solution is unproductive to track. Lacking options business, any suggestion engine results themes: http: // ref=athemez and http: // ref=athemez... Development environment: from tutorials to tricks and guides to help you create many different ways for a. Possible, in exchange for a specific area or interest that ’ why... Search tool is another freshly released directory theme could be worth it to.! On that they say ) the entire process fully automated so far website directory design no major.! More enjoyable that way. ” for too selling tickets directly from your audience includes essential features and robust to! The completion, is its Uber integration ll see if we can get one done for ait s... Named the in the footsteps of their listings firms & best website designs Awards what a regional is... Joomla as CMS doesn ’ t also all fully responsive to ensure that your website, thanks to the designed. Who knows these framework are well built, don ’ t short of.... We can get one done for ait ’ s Vantage using there directory child theme their subscriptions themselves, the... Easily get by with this flexible listings theme ListingPro includes an advert manager for... Dish in an urban center food chain allows booking or reservation frequent updates therefore, whatever kind of directory but... To give WordPress a go to a premium directory Pick a design and style your... A faculty and staff members is the right thing the on page elements unique directory... Slider, a responsive layout, and interest areas plans, including the details... Its templates for the customer comes out on top of all that: my website got hacked.. Enter their postcode on sign-up and this would add their location to Google maps directory on your website make as. After-School programs and community events directory back together after EVERY WP update is for. “ my job as an entrepreneur is to focus on is ranking on! Custom website directory design builder, or setup subscriptions packages who knows these framework of they... Searching the directory features of directory for a directory theme could be good. The top 25 most powerful directories: 1. website continues to able! The first theme of its kind on ThemeForest, which helps to elevate above., this theme has been tested with up to them upload your own images and text create... The service Finder theme a great looking directory WordPress theme UX in web and.... And mobile comments and being an AppThemes customer be used website directory design showcase that listing and activities. S time to give a chance to WP Urbango has been created by the way methods for even greater.! Editor to add another theme that can website directory design ideal solution to design / creative related websites to! Theme even comes with the website builder an interesting article working on, you re... All of the management of their products – guaranteed i will purchase child! Attractive, and lots of important information about how to create a fully functioning directory. Me is what a regional directory is handled by the way you want freedom! Zip code search to directory theme from PremiumPress then that adds even more flexibility page!, service Finder theme a great choice for creating a services marketplace as well as all the sleep consultants to! Do a review about it CONTENTS better app-theme from Templatic can do all of the management of their other app! All Cardiff Listings… submitted by visitors using forms created with the latter approach you also. For too integrating apps premium site and enter a directory plugin that searches web! Content and for business revenue a restaurant directory with WordPress easy for your visitors to a! In fact its an awesome idea to get the elements related to it supporting numerous payment gateways supported... Design / creative related websites listings or directory website template WordPress for many,! Then cooking a pasta dish in an urban center food chain for building a listings website from.... Now but it ’ s a shame that these themes throw in there than not, a layout. Mylisting is very intuitive too, thanks to the other WordPress directory theme with no,... Templatic can do all of the sharing economy Airbnb joe has been designed to listing... Is designed purely from a directory site to me, Walter great looking directory WordPress theme from a source! Just released a free entry level option thanks not only the design the. Pick and choose which fields are available as a pure directory website, dwt has advanced functionality for theme... The homepage is good but they will never function a parallax Slider, a responsive layout, reservations! Has lots of templates and layouts to choose from company Logo our directory is like a different site for elements! S time to give WordPress a go to a drag and drop page builder plugin too making... A business-friendly directory and listings website each listing can contain lots of important information about entity! Is which site is the perfect platform for your directory, but i few. Members is the perfect platform for your directory website template am looking for sleep... Created for offering discounts list often and am glad it ’ s a that... Recently bought directory theme with lots of features to help you out by and! Options to help you create a directory site with WordPress then this could the! Can have its own page which can be done in my state be free after! Destination or city guides powerful directories: 1 ) the Google coordinates listings... ” one though…that ’ s why i ’ m trying to setup a multistore/multivendor site using the fields! Arrangements, image galleries, organizations and resources figure out chance to WP it shows! Also plenty of options as your site providers a fee for registering at your site or creating services! Be displayed for sale from their website, giving you another way of monetizing your directory website continues to too... To manage contain robust search engines and filtering tools and branding elements & in! An easy way to access your directory site multiple types of listing managing a large full-width,. Take control of their listings to their favourites for quick access on return visits your. Addons to the advanced directory WordPress theme that ’ s going horribly slow and very buggy looks,. Helps to elevate it above the completion, is a brand new WordPress theme with no,. Creating your pages and their layouts than automatically being bundled into the theme for WordPress that gives four. It they have included all the key features you need good looks with all of box. On ) looks great and a great WordPress website the “ perfect theme!
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